Amanda + Jo . New Jersey Engagement . June 23, 2014

I really dread writing on this page lately. There’s a reason I take pictures to tell stories rather than write, but I suppose I can’t let that stop the blogging all together.
Amanda and Jo, I don’t think I need a hundred words to describe the afternoon we spent together. Adam and I are head over heels for you, and I’m so glad you went along with my plan to wander around with no destination. Some things are better left unsaid.

Laura + Andrew . Brooklyn, NY Wedding at The Green Building . March 27, 2014

I’ve been sitting on this wedding since September trying to think of the right things to say. How we all met, this couples’ ridiculous life stories, or the weird things we’ve been through together since we’ve met. Andrew and Laura, forgive my lack of words and don’t interpret it as anything other than jet lag. Every single person on this wedding day was so welcoming that Adam and I felt like hopping on a plane home to the mid west with some of your family.
Isn’t that the way weddings are supposed to be?

Beth + Mike . Central Park Engagement . January 28, 2014

I wish I had more words for this, but the right side of my brain is on hiatus today. I wore it out yesterday trying to rearrange our furniture.¬†These pictures remind me of that fact that I’m missing the fall and everything great that comes with it. The leaves, the weather, but mostly the clarity that comes from sitting inside and writing on a November day. Beth and Mike, suffice to say I’m looking forward to our next meeting more than you know. To roam the streets of New York with you was an absolute pleasure. I promise my right brain will be in attendance for the big day.

Tracy + John . Belle Mer, Rhode Island Wedding . December 31, 2013

Tracy and John met us in a cafe downtown about a year ago. Adam and I arrived early and sat down. I remember telling him that Tracy seemed way too cool in all of our emails, and that the venue was too beautiful, so we probably weren’t going to book this couple. That’s just the way things work.

Upon actually getting to talk to the two of them, I decided that they were in fact as cool as I had imagined. After a plate of olives and about an hour of drinks, the universe decided to do Adam and I a favor and aligned our paths for the following year.

Tracy and John, you are the definition of sweet hearts. Driving up to Rhode Island and looking out over the landscape, I knew your wedding day was the perfect way to end our year. Thank you to the moon and back for having us.

PS – A big congratulations to Ms. Basha G. and Amanda R., our photo shoot winners. Happy New Year!

Beautiful 2013

To put it simply, this has been a fantastic year for us. I’ve never been good with words so in lieu of a grandiose thank you note to the world, Adam and I have decided to give a photo shoot to one of our readers. In the spirit of giving, my best friend Danielle Hardy of Cut Artisan Hair Design will be on hand to style our models.

One entry will be selected, and up to two people will be accompanying us to a secret location in the New York/New Jersey area. Anyone is welcome to fill out the form below including friends, future friends, clients, blog stalkers, and anyone who is single, engaged, or married. One entry will be selected and notified on New Year’s Eve. Further details of location and dates will be sent to the winner.

Thank you all for a spectacular year.

To enter, please tell us a little bit about yourself here.